The ICE Creature Control is an unbelievable piece of software to breathe life into your virtual Characters without typing one single line of code. ICE Creature Control is completely written in c# for UNITY 5 and combines several animation and pathfinding techniques with a powerful AI.

Simply place your virtual character somewhere in your scene, add the ICECreatureController to your characters GameObject, assigning the desired animations and you will see, the living begins.

For a more complex and natural behaviour, you could start to teaching your character by adjust the extensive settings. Assign the Missions your character have to fulfil, add an arbitrary number of behaviours and animations, adapt the physical fitness and define enemies and friends and the particular interaction rules as well. Play with all the given options to find the best settings for your character.

In consideration of the performance, ICECreatureControl does not need necessarily a Rigidbody and|or Collider, NavMesh and NavMeshAgent and works just as well with animator and legacy animations, but all of these techniques are fully integrated and can be used as desired to get a better result.

We invest all our knowledge and working hard to constantly improve our products, but without your feedback, comments and suggestions, we will not succeed. We develop this software for you and your projects and it is important for us that they work stable and reliable, so if you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please feel free to visit our support forum or contact us directly.

Best regards, Pit